Dedication to my customers prior to 17.02.2018

Special thanks to Jarno, Emile, James, Ricky, Yann & Sefa, Robin, and everyone I forgot 

Update 28.02.2018: Company registration revoked
Update 11.03.2018: Remaining Virtual Servers deleted
Update 14.03.2018: Final Profit-Loss-Statement submitted and customer database archived in C14

Dear customers,
Dear friends,
Dear team,

As you're aware, our support response time has increased a lot in the past couple of months. First of all I need to point out that Treudler has not deadpooled or gone bankrupt (greetings to LowEndTalk).

I have done everything alone, indeed my great team helped me with the community, with tickets and some little technical work, but that's not even 10% of the total work. Really special thanks to Jarno, without you in our team Treudler would have shutdowned much earlier. Also thanks Emile, Ripen James, Ricky and James, plus my much loved Senior Customers. You really made my past year complete. Also I wanna thank Robin, who has co-founded this company with me, even if he has left Treudler in late 2016 already.

I took care of over 2700 customers in a period of nearly 3 years. I made profit, which was always re-invested into new host systems for our virtual servers (plus some Steam games for myself).

Since mid of 2017 I have been looking for someone who could take over Treudler as it is. The main problem is that I'm not trusting my lastname to anyone. Before someone else scrapes it, I decided to shut everything down. Please do not send me emails asking if you can takeover my customers. One of the many reasons for this quick shutdown is that I just don't want to work on Treudler anymore. I want to focus on my reallife and personal education. My near friends and customers will understand that.

I did not need any real help or anything like that, I was not overstrained, it just took me too much time and effort to work on everything.


Q: Can I get a backup of my server?
A: Download it yourself. If a customer is terminated, all his files are PERMANENTLY DESTROYED and can NOT be restored, including all server files. According to our terms of service we're not responsible for your data. I’m terribly sorry. Doing backups has to be a standard in 2018.

Q: I have credits left in my account. Can they be paid out?
A: No. All credits are non-refundable. We will keep our billing system up. If I’m ever planning to sell unused resources on my private Hetzner servers, you'll be able to use them for that.

Q: I've renewed my server for 3, 6 or 12 months. Will I get a refund?
A: Yes. We will provide a refund within the next 30 days. There's nothing that has to be done from your side.

Q: You’re owning a few thousand IPv4 addresses at OVH and SoYouStart. Can I buy them?
A: Yes. You can buy /27, /28, /29 and /30 subnets at 1€ per IP independent of if you're a hosting provider or private person. Paypal friends & family only. Contact me at for further details.
The following IPs are still available and they can only be routed to servers in the country below:
PL: 1x /29, 10x /30, 9x /32
UK: 1x /29, 14x /30
FR: 1x /27, 2x /28 1x /28, 10x /29 7x /29 5x /29, 38x /30, 158x /32
DE: 2x /29, 10x /30 4x /30, 4x /32
CA: 1x /28, 7x /29, 14x /30, 9x /32

I'm actually very proud for what I’ve done in my age of only 20. With distance, Treudler has been one of the best OVH resellers in the world.

Thank you,

Geestland, 17.02.2018

Alternative Hosting Provider

As an alternative for Anti-DDoS Game and Hetzner I strongly advice you to go with FullTimeHosting. They're building their own control panel and you can also configure the Game firewall through this.

"TREUDLER" promo code will offer an exklusive 10% one-time discount.
This company isn't linked to Treudler in any way (greetings to LowEndTalk again).